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Season 2, Episode 6 - Algorithmic Biases & Trump’s Google Tantrum

Though algorithms are invisible, they are shaping the reality that we live in. From the content surfacing in Google's search results to posts on our Facebook feeds, algorithms dominate much of our daily lives. Digital strategists Aaron Dubois and Courtney Messerli cover the implications of algorithmic biases, Trump's lack of understanding (and recent tantrum) regarding Google's search results, and more on this week's episode of Digiots! 


Season 2, Episode 5 - The Reality of AI for Brands & Businesses

In a world filled with automation anxiety, will AI replace our roles or will we utilize AI to drive efficiencies, freeing up more time to be creative and more strategic? Is AI still in its "gimmicky" phase or are brands and businesses ready to use AI to improve the customer journey? Do brands have the right data insights to leverage AI to solve business challenges? Digital strategists Aaron Dubois and Courtney Messerli cover all of this and more on today's episode!


Season 2, Episode 4 - How Brands Are Leveraging AR & VR

How are brands leveraging AR and VR to connect with their prospective customers? How does AR enhance shopping experiences? What brands are buying in? Digital strategists Aaron Dubois and Courtney Messerli cover all of this and more on today's episode!


Season 2, Episode 3 - FIFA World Cup Marketing Campaigns 2018: Wins and Fails

Aaron Dubois and Courtney Messerli are back to cover the latest global marketing campaigns for the FIFA World Cup 2018. How willing were brands to advertise given the current geopolitics of Russia and tarnished reputation of FIFA? From Coca Cola to Nike and Volkswagen to Budweiser – which brands thrived in delivering globalized marketing messages and who flopped? Tune in to find out!


Season 2, Episode 2 - OMG, Google I/O 2018!

Aaron and Courtney cover the ins and outs of Google I/O 2018, Google’s annual developer conference in which Google showcases their recent developments in search, Google Assistant, AI and more. Aaron and Courtney cover the highlights and the many questions surrounding these advancements in AI, AR, and the ethical implications of each. Will Google Duplex takeover our daily mundane tasks? Will we rely on Google Smart Compose to write our emails for us? Is the government capable of setting forth regulation to ensure that society won’t perish in an AI-driven firestorm? Tune in to learn more!


Season 2, Episode 1 - Digiots Reborn! Blockchain, Data Privacy, & the Future of Search

We're back! Digiots returns from its hiatus with a vengeance. Aaron Dubois and his new co-host Courtney Messerli usher in season 2 with a lively discussion around some of the most critical topics in the digital marketing world today. What is blockchain and how will it affect our industry? Is our data safe in the hands of Google and Facebook? How will the shift towards decentralization affect the world of search and brand relevancy? All of this and more on Digiots!


Episode 28 - Grammys, Super Bowl, Eggshells, Consultants and more!

Brandon Ballew and I are back with another fun-filled episode. We compare Superbowl and Grammy commercials, and go deep on the content strategy behind them. We break some eggs over the evolution of agencies and consultants, and we get all crazy about VR cows. All this and more on Digiots episode 28!


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Episode 27 - Twitter, Trump, Revenue models, Content marketing, and more!

Our first episode of the new year! Join me, Brandon Ballew, and first-time guest Andy Kaufman as we pontificate on Twitter's future... will the president's frequent use of the platform help to give it the boost it needs to stay relevant? We also take a look at the future of analytics in the VR age, the ever-volatile world of revenue generation on content sites, and the top used mobile apps of 2016.  All this and more on Digiots!

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Episode 26 - Year in review

David Alpern and the deuling Brandons join me for a look back at the best and worst of the year in digital marketing and technology.


Episode 25 - The dueling Brandons return

Once again I'm joined by Brandon and Brandon, discussing the cutting edge marketing topics of the day! Ford launches their latest vehicle exclusively on Snapchat, B2B brands get in on the holiday marketing madness, and Burberry, Kate Spade, and H&M produce some amzing holiday video content. All this nd more on Digiots episode 25.

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