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Episode 14 - Happy birthday internet, stinky VR, JT tells all of Google dirty secrets, and we wax existential about gamifying baseball

Aaron and JT cover this week's digital news in about 15 minutes... We go deep on what the future of the internet holds for you and your data, and spend time arguing the pitfalls of turning dodger stadium into a giant Pokemon go arena. Political digital tactics, VR farts, and Redbull goes EDM. All this and more on episode 14 of Digiots!


Episode 13 - A deep dive on Olympic ad stats, VR UX fallicies, LA craft beer gets a 1-800 number, and JT shows off his shirtless Ronaldo selfies. All this and more on Digiots episode 13!

Aaron and JT cover this week's digital news in about 15 minutes... lots of Olympic ad stats, from social to multi-channel attribution. We dive into the world of VR storytelling and UX and we geek out on IoT sobriety.


Episode 12 - Going for the Gold! Olympic ads run-down, Instagram gives mad props to Snapchat, the internet breaks free from puberty, VR completely rewrites the book on KPIs, and much much more!

Aaron and JT cover this week's digital news in about 15 minutes... actually we stretch this one out a bit. After quickly moving through our favorite olympic cpots thus far (Apple killed it!), we discuss how to make a better mcnugget, and the huge goings-on with both snapchat and instagram's new "stories" functionality in the bite-sized expiring content world. Marriott's turned one of their properties into an innovation lab, icrossing is aiming at the long-term data-driven content play, and we dive into the uncharted world of VR-driven KPIs. Exciting stuff!


Episode 11: More Pokemon, even more Hillary meets Trump on Twitter, AI dinosaurs, Beavis & Butthead agree that brainstorming is dumb… and Aaron’s Birthday!

Aaron and JT cover this week's digital news in about 15 minutes: Saatchi's chief shoots from the hip without the research to back it up, McDonalds fails to think through a UGC execution in NZ, Pokemon growth levels off while Nintendo stocks go through a massive correction, Google's Glass and Cardboard get a new sibling in "Plastic"... kind of, and Facebook takes steps towards entering the paid search arena. All that and more on Digiots episode 11, August 2, 2016.


Episode 10: The Disruptors of disruption! Hillary? Trump? Verizon? Dollar Shave Club! Snapchat! and much more!

Aaron and JT cover this week's digital news in about 15 minutes: Big media disruptor stories this week:Hillary slaying social media, Unilever $1 billion purse for Dollar Shave Club, Verizon buys Yahoo! How chatbots are shaping the search landscape and who will gain control? Brands or platforms and more!


Episode 9: Pokemon on crack! Kim Vs. Taylor? No more craft Brew?? What the hell is happening?!

Aaron and JT cover this week's digital news in about 15 minutes: Pokemon's still going crazy - What's new on this front? Kim vs Taylor on SnapChat's stage. Big beer brands vs craft breweries and the fight for retail space. The latest on chatbots and how they may evolve brands. And we end with a look at opportunities in the B2B marketplaces.


Episode 8: Pokémon craziness of course… The impact of live social after last week’s shootings, Euro 2016 vs Olympics and more!

Aaron and JT cover in about 15 minutes: Pokémon, its effecton advertising and what the future may have in store for all of us. Live broadcastingand rules and regulations on social. Brands infatuation with Snap Chat lenses, theworld game of Soccer vs big network USA sports, and much more!

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Episode 7: Juno orbits, Serial and Cereal, the latest on Beacons, Facebook, Google and so much more!

Happy 4th of July week! Aaron and JT cover the content creation behind space expeditions like Juno. Serial updates, French Toast Crunches latest soap opera campaign, How Beacons might affect the SERP, all the way through the latest algorithm and news feed updates from Facebook. Around 20 minutes, jam-packed with the latest .digital news. Enjoy!


Episode 6: from Brexit to Cheetos-Mozarella-Sticks. Anyone?

This week Aaron and JT cover the Brexit digital consequences, the US House of Representatives on Periscope. Trump, Google, Canne winners, all the way through to the latest Burger creation driven ,by digital data.


Episode 5: Cannes week, and other brilliant creative solutions.

Stories covered this week include an update on Cannes week, Reddit narratives, Youtube collaborations, LonelyGirl15, Taste and Algorithms and much more. 

Thanks and same time next week!

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